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Canadian Transportation Agency May Not Redact Personal Information

The Federal Court of Appeal recently released a decision which determined the application of the federal Privacy Act to documents filed with the Agency. The Court held that in the absence of a specific ruling to render evidence tendered to it confidential, all information in the hands of the Agency, acquired in its quasi-judicial role, should be open and accessible, and thus without redactions to personal information
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Important Decision Re: Evidence on Judicial Review Applications

The Ontario Divisional Court recently released an important decision regarding the admissibility of affidavit evidence on an application for judicial review. BJCTB lawyers Peter Jacobsen, Tae Mee Park and Elliot Saccucci successfully represented the Applicant professors in response to a motion brought by the Respondent, McMaster University, to strike the Applicants’ affidavits filed in support of their application for judicial review.
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