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BJCTB Lawyers Obtain Release of Further Court Documents in Major Toronto Police Investigation

On March 6, 2015, Peter Jacobsen and Julia Lefebvre appeared on behalf of a coalition of newspapers and broadcasters before the Ontario Court of Justice and obtained the release of the exhibits filed at the preliminary inquiry of Alexander Lisi. Mr. Lisi... more

BJCTB Lawyers Attended IATA Legal Symposium

Carlos P. Martins and Tae Mee Park attended the  IATA Legal Symposium 2015 in Seoul, Korea, February 25-27, 2015.

Recent Decision from the Supreme Court of Canada

James P. Thomson and Janice E. Blackburn recently received a favourable decision from the Supreme Court in R v. Conception. Section 672.58 of the Criminal Code of Canada provides that where an accused is found unfit to stand trial, the... more

Supreme Court of Canada Applies Montreal Convention

We have been following the progress of Thibodeau v. Air Canada in Transportation Notes since the July 2011 edition when we reported on the flawed decision of the Federal Court. The case has now wound its way through the Canadian courts... more

Elliot Saccucci Certified by PLPA

Elliot Saccucci was recently certified by the Professional Lacrosse Players’ Association (PLPA) to act as a Regional Attorney in negotiating standard playing contracts on behalf of its bargaining unit, the players of the National Lacrosse League (NLL).... more

Retirement of Vasaris R.P. (Sas) Bersenas

Vasaris R.P. (Sas) Bersenas, a founding partner of the firm, has retired as of July 1, 2014. Sas enjoyed a lengthy and distinguished legal career and will be much missed.

Extra Disclosure Ordered in Security Screening Case

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) has released a procedural ruling in a complaint made against a Canadian air carrier that is being closely watched in the news. The case involves the balance between anti-discrimination laws and government-imposed security requirements, and how air... more

Tae Mee Park to Speak At Canadian Transport Lawyers Association Conference

On September 27, 2014, Tae Mee Park will be speaking at the annual CTLA Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the topic of aviation legal developments in 2014.

BJCTB Lawyer Comments on Social Media Issues

Julia L. Lefebvre recently commented on the legal implications arising out of a news story that has generated significant media attention
… more

Elliot Saccucci Added to SDRCC Pro Bono Counsel List

Elliot Saccucci has recently been added to the list of Pro Bono Counsel in proceedings before the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (the SDRCC). The SDRCC is Canada’s top dispute resolution centre for Canadian national amateur athletics and handles disputes between national... more